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Xenoage Java Exe
Starter 2.0
The third EasyTomcat version will be available soon! Thuesday, 13th October 2005
The EasyTomcat version will appear at the end of this month.

The Design of EasyTomcat is certain now. The first functions for the monitoring of the servers were integrated and it gives statistics over memory consumption, the extent of utilization and the Traffic of the servers.

After this version the development is to be advanced as fast as possible to a stable version 1.0. The end of this year is intended as a goal for this.

Your EasyTomcat team

EasyTomcat is ONLINE! Friday, 1st April 2005
After a long time full of hard work we have managed to finish the first version of EasyTomcat.

You can support us by using the bugtracking tool and report bugs which you have found.
You can download the first version now. We hope you enjoy it and we are happy about any response.

The EasyTomcat Team